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Recently, Tyler Ramey of Truth Enterprises has been encouraging Christians not only to oppose President Obama in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, but to also not vote “other-than-Romney” since it can only divide the conservative vote and ensure another Obama victory. While his arguments deal more directly with opposing the President than voting third party, I believe they are quite sound.

1. The Bible opposes killing by neglect babies who survive abortion, i.e., by withholding life-saving intervention.
2. Obama approves of killing by neglect babies who survive abortion by withholding life-saving intervention.
3. Therefore, the Bible opposes Obama.

1. It is biblical to oppose those who direct the killing of innocent and defenseless human beings.
2. President Obama directs the killing of innocent and defenseless human beings by way of abortion policies (legislation, executive orders, vetoes).
3. Therefore, it is biblical to oppose President Obama.

1. It is wrong for a Christian to empower a killer of babies.
2. Christians empower a killer of babies when they empower Obama to a second term (by voting for a candidate other than Romney).
3. Therefore, Christians should not empower Obama to a second term (by voting for a candidate other than Romney).

I have several Christian friends who have expressed dissatisfaction with Romney as the GOP candidate. They either plan on voting for a third party candidate, or refuse to vote at all. Let’s be frank: Romney does have some questionable issues. In particular, I vehemently disagree with his stance that rape is a sufficient reason to abort a child (if you think allowing abortion in cases of rape is a good idea, please read this). I also strongly dislike the fact that he visciously attacked other GOP candidates for the presidential nomination, but now treats Obama with kid gloves.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that the U.S. desperately needs someone in the Whitehouse who actually understands how the economy works. Despite his incorrect view on rape in cases of abortion, his views are much more pro-life than Obama’s, who voted in favor of infanticide while he was a senator. In addition, Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running-mate, who has a strong pro-life stance.

I am calling on all Bible-believing, pro-life Christians to consider Tyler Ramey’s arguments before voting “other-than-Romney.” While Romney certainly isn’t a perfect candidate, to vote for someone else, or not vote at all, would only help the current President whose pro-abortion policies must be stopped.