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Truth, of course, must of necessity be stranger than fiction, for we have made fiction to suit ourselves. ~ G.K. Chesterton


I am only now getting around to watching the movie Avatar. I used to be an avid movie-goer and TV-watcher. Nowadays, the only sedentary form of entertainment I enjoy much is reading. That isn’t to say I never watch movies or TV anymore, it just isn’t a top priority any longer. That is why I am only now watching Avatar for the first time, even though it came out in the theaters about two years ago.

I enjoyed the movie. The story was good, and the CGI fantasy world of Pandora was beautiful. However, to me it was just that–an interesting fantasy.

I recalled how, at the time the movie was released, many people claimed they had feelings of depression and even suicidal thoughts after watching the movie. The were melancholy because the fantasy word of Pandora wasn’t real.

The fact that people were depressed because of a fantasy world they saw on the big screen is a sad comentary on our society.

I wonder if these people who became depressed because they couldn’t have the fantasy of Pandora ever stepped outside for any length of time? Or if they had stepped outside, had they paid any attention to their surroundings?

These folks need to think outside the box. That is, they need to step away from their movie screens, TV, and computer boxes, and step outside their apartment, condominium, or house boxes, and look at the real world outside their boxes. I’m convinced that if they did this, they would discover a world so much more fascinating than anything they ever saw in a box.

I would encourage you all to get out into the beauty of the real natural world, created by a real supernatural God. Spend less time indoors, and more time outside in a world much more fantastic than Pandora. Get outdoors with children and dogs, who have a natural talent for enjoying the reality of nature. Go hiking, fishing, hunting. Get outside your boxes. Don’t wast your time mourning a second-rate, animated fantasy world. Reality and truth are so much better!

An occasional escape from reality is fine, but I recommend reading a good book over watching a movie or a television program any day of the week. At least then you are imagining the action of the story for yourself, rather than allowing a filmmaker to imagine everything for you. I am not saying there is anything wrong with TV or movies. All I am saying is that there are better things to do.