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I don’t know that I’ve ever done a book review on this blog, but there is a first time for everything, and A Cry in the Wilderness is a exceptional book.

A Cry in the Wilderness is a call to return to Biblical Christianity. David Littleford points out that too many churches today have settled for mere programs and rituals. Littleford exhorts us above all else to daily seek an experiential relationship with the Lord. Where many Christian authors would emphasize either the power granted by God to the Believer, or the responsibility of the Believer to God, Littleford keeps a balance between the two. While this is no easy task, Littleford maintains this equalibrium by strictly adhering to the Word of God.

This is a wonderful book for all believers, but especially those who are ready to abandon three mile wide, one inch deep religion for an abiding experience of Almighty God. While A Cry in the Wilderness is no thick systematic theology, neither is it light devotional reading. Littleford’s insights into Biblical Christianity are incisive, yet accessible to all. If Littleford’s advice is followed it will lead to a deeper knowledge of, and a stronger walk with, the Lord.

I highly recommend A Cry in the Wilderness for:

1. Anyone who wants to know how to experience God
2. New Believers who want to know what they should do in their Christian walk after salvation
3. Christians who want to know what the Bible says about the supernatural; in particular: are the gifts of the Spirit, such as tongues and prophecy, still valid for Christians today?

David Littleford answers these, and many other questions about Christian living. He backs up everything he writes by reasoning from the Scriptures. This is very refreshing in a day and age when most “Christian” books are based on pop-psychology and self-help, with a sprinkling of proof-texts to give the teachings a Christian facade.

My only complaint is that currently this book is only available as an e-book, and not hardback or paperback. This limits its scope to those who have a Kindle or who can download the book in PDF format. However, if you do have a Kindle or a computer, A Cry in the Wilderness is well worth purchasing. And if enough people buy this e-book, I am sure David Littleford will be more likely to publish this rare gem in a more traditional format.