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I listen regularly to William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith podcasts. I found the 11/07/2011 podcast, entitled “What About Chrislam?” particularly interesting. As you might have guessed from the title, the main topic was “Chrislam”, an attempt to blend Christianity and Islam. The conversation soon shifted to other forms of syncretism, particularly Messianic Judaism, and whether Messianic Jews would embrace Biblical and historic Christian doctrines.

While I am not 100% certain, the impression that I got from Dr. Craig is that he would not have an issue with Messianic Jews who embraced essential Christian doctrines while celebrating them in a culturally Jewish fashion. He was most concerned with sectors of Messianic Judaism that have murky doctrine. From what I have seen of the Messianic movement, his concerns are justified.

In particular, I believe the Messianic groups that emphasize Torah-observance have abandoned the historic Christian faith for heresy. Any time someone preaches Jesus + anything it is another gospel; a man-made gospel. You cannot mix Christianity and Islam–“Chrislam.” You cannot mix Christianity and Zen Buddhism. You cannot mix Christianity with the Torah.

The New Testament is quite clear. Jesus Christ abolished the Mosaic law (Ephesians 2:14-15). Christ is the end of the law (Romans 10:4). The Torah was done away with because it was weak and useless (Hebrews 7:18). The Mosaic law was only intended to be the law of the pre-Christian Israelite theocracy.

There is much more to say on this subject, but I will save it for the next post.