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In asking the Lord what to say to this people, it came to me to arouse them to the fact that the Comforter has come. He is come; and He has come to abide forever. Are you going to be defeated by the devil? No, for the Comforter has come that we may receive and give forth the signs which must follow, so that we may not by any means be deceived by the wiles of the devil. There is no limit as to what we may become if we dwell and live in the Spirit. In the Spirit of prayer we are taken from earth away into heaven. In the Spirit of the Word of God seems to unfold in a wonderful way, and it is only in the Spirit that the love of God is shed abroad in us. We feel as we speak in the Spirit that the fire which burned in the hearts of the two men. On their way to Emmaus, when Jesus walked with them, is burning in our heart. It is sure to come to pass when we walk with Him, our hearts will burn; it is the same power of the Spirit. They could not understand it then, but a few hours later they saw Him break the bread, and their eyes were opened.

But, beloved, our hearts ought to always burn. There is a place where we can live in the unction and the clothing of the Spirit, where our words will be clothed with power. “…be not drunk with wine…but be filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18). It is a wonderful privilege; and I see that it was necessary for John to be in the Spirit on the Isle of Patmos for the revelation to be made clear to him.

What does it mean to this generation for us to be kept in the Spirit? All human reasoning and all human knowledge cannot be compared to the power of the life that is lived in the Spirit. We have power to loose, and power to bind in the Spirit. There is a place where the Holy Ghost can put us where we cannot be anywhere else but in the Spirit. But if we breathe His thoughts into our thoughts, and live in the unction of the Holy Spirit as He lived, then there will be evidences that we are in Him; and His works we will do. But it is only in the Spirit.

~Smith Wigglesworth