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       The First Commandment

       You must not have other gods.

       That is, I must be your only God.

       Question: What does this saying mean?  How should we understand
       it? What does it mean to have a god? What is God?

       Answer: To have a god means this: You expect to receive all good
       things from it and turn to it in every time of trouble. Yes, to
       have a god means to trust and to believe in Him with your whole
       heart. I have often said that only the trust and faith of the
       heart can make God or an idol. If your faith and trust are true,
       you have the true God, too. On the other hand, where trust is
       false, is evil, there you will not have the true God either. Faith
       and God live together. I tell you, whatever you set your heart on
       and rely on is really your god.

~Martin Luther