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…it is not just Christian scholars and pastors who need to be intellectually engaged if the Church is to make an impact in our culture. Christian laymen, too, must become intellectually engaged. Our churches are filled with Christians who are idling in intellectual neutral. As Christians, their minds are going to waste. J.P. Moreland in his challenging book Love Your God with All Your Mind has called them “empty selves.” An empty self is inordinately individualistic, infantile, and narcissistic. It is passive, sensuate, busy and hurried, incapable of developing an interior life…

Sometimes people would justify their lack of intellectual engagement by asserting that they prefer having a “simple faith.” But here I think we must distinguish between a childlike faith and a childish faith. A childlike faith is a whole-souled trust in God as one’s loving Heavenly Father, and Jesus commends such a faith to us. But a childish faith is an immature, unreflective faith, and such faith is not commended to us. On the contrary, Paul says, “Do not be children in your thinking; be babes in evil, but in thinking mature” (1 Cor. 14:20, RSV). If a “simple” faith means an unreflective, ignorant faith, then we should want none of it.

~William Lane Craig, from Hard Questions, Real Answers, “Introduction: In Intellectual Neutral”